NH Audubon’s Hoyt Wildlife Sanctuary

Active in local conservation organizations, and having a great interest in nature and ornithology, Ellen Hoyt established Camp Wampineauk for girls on this property in 1934. Hundreds of girls spent their summers on the shore of Purity Lake during the camp's 43 years of existence. Although Ellen went on to become a biology teacher and then a full-time wife and mother, the camp brought her home each summer to the land she loved so dearly.

According to the Hoyt family, "The camp and surrounding land was the love of her life. Her happiest moments were spent sharing with others an appreciation of the fragile balance at work in the ecosystem surrounding the camp. It was her desire that her property be a place for nature to thrive, and that it be shared with others in a respectful way." In 1989, Ellen Hoyt Gillard donated these 168 acres to the Audubon Society of New Hampshire in her will, naming the sanctuary in memory of her parents.

During the late Fall and early Winter of 2009, Audubon spent 4 weeks selectively cutting trees on the property. The Audubon's mission looks towards improving the wildlife habitat of future generations. Due to the dense tree canopy on the property, understory regeneration has been a concern.

A trail guide to the sanctuary is available at the Main Office.


You may have noticed many pictures of loons on this website and perhaps on some of our marketing materials. These are not just any loons, they’re our summertime residents!

Verbal history of Purity Spring Resort and Lake Purity says that the original nesting pair of loons arrived in the heath section of Lake Purity over 25 years ago! Since then, we’ve witnessed their descendants successfully nesting, breeding, laying, hatching and fledging in the same location ever since.

Each spring the pair heads to the heath and we watch for the birds to remain on the nest for 24 hours constantly, a sign that the eggs have been laid and are now being incubated.

In late June the proud parents load the chicks on their backs to swim them around Lake Purity - showing them off to guests and resort employees alike. They are a special part of our family and we’re always proud when we see their babies too.