Guided Tours

Exploring this area during any season is fascinating, and we try to make your experience even better. By offering guided tours of the property and the area, it helps new and returning guests to learn more and more our history and ecology.

Kayak Tours of Purity Lake

During the Summer season, weekly tours are available of Purity Lake and of the on-site Audubon Hoyt Wildlife Sanctuary.

Purity Lake is a wonderful place to paddle, and we’ll show you why. Share some stories and laughs with our tour guide. Our lake and its shores are full of wildlife and nature just waiting for you to explore. Not to mention the five beaches available for you to visit at any time. Let us show you how to get the most fun from your stay on the lake, by showing what 100 years has taught us about Purity Spring Resort.

Please inquire with our Main Office for additional information and tour schedules.


  • complimentary to resort guests


Summer Tours of the Saco River

It's hard to beat summertime on the Saco River, and we’ll show you why… Old School! Every Thursday (weather permitting), we shuttle our guests to the Saco River for a 4-hour tour of the Saco. We'll meander down the river and even stop at a couple rope swings along the way to let the "kids" be kids. Then, with two canoes flipped over and a canopy above we prepare all the fixings for a "buffet" lunch and serve it up Purity-style…with a big ol' side of fun!

There’s an opportunity for everyone on these trips to have an absolute blast! You might be the type of person who likes to lie in the sun and take a leisurely float while tied to another canoe, or you may be thrilled to swing over the water on a rope only to let go at the highest part of the arc for a truly sweet cannon ball... whatever your speed, we've got you covered.


  • there will be a boat rental fee assessed by a local rental company



  • All activities are subject to changes without notice, due to the weather and other unforeseen reasons.