Kayaking & Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing are great, non-taxing ways to explore the nooks and crannies of Purity Spring Resort. Better yet, they’re complimentary!

  • Family paddling kayak and canoe at Purity Spring Resort
  • Kayaker paddling at Purity Spring Resort
  • Canoes lined up along docks at Purity Spring Resort
  • Kayaks beached at Rocky Point beach

From the main portion of Purity Lake, paddle quietly back into the NH Audubon's Hoyt Wildlife Sanctuary where our furry and feathered residents feel most at home. This is where busy beavers build their dams, blue heron walk gracefully along the shoreline, deer and moose munch on tender grass, loons nest with their young and osprey fly overhead looking for a quick meal. There’s almost always something special going on here behind the scenes.

To increase your chances of seeing wildlife, always paddle quietly and silently into a new cover or bog area. Birds, animals and other critters can typically hear you well before you even know they're watching you.

For a more family-friendly, sturdy ride - and some good old fashioned exercise - borrow one of our row boats and take the kids to explore the shores of Lake Purity and its islands. They’ll find turtles sunning themselves and frogs to catch resting along the water’s edge. But don’t forget the towels, as the kids are bound to want to step out for a dip at one of our five beaches during your adventures. Just a few more activities included with your stay that bring families back to nature.


  • complimentary to resort guests


  • Guided canoe tours on the Saco River are also available to summer guests weekly. Please check with our The Mill, Main Office for a schedule.