Mountain Biking

The mountain biking trails from Purity Spring Resort roam around Purity Lake and throughout some of the 1000 acres of property. For most of the network, the challenge level of the trails ranges from upper beginner to intermediate.

Purity can direct beginner riders to a route that covers entirely beginner terrain (paved and dirt roads). The majority of our terrain is over our Nordic trail network and is set on a wide path similar to logging road trails.

Purity does have a few select single-track rides and even a few that would be considered advanced riding. We do not have major drops or jumps.

Bike Rentals

Purity Spring Resort is proud to offer high-quality KHS bikes in our rental fleet. Our Rental Bikes are also for sale, should you enjoy riding them so much that you want to take it home! (Prices range from $120 to full retail $600 per bike depending on the bikes age and use history.)

You may rent for the half or full day, by contacting the main office.


  • $15 half day
  • $30 full day

Guided Tours

During our summer season, guests can enjoy guided tours. The tour schedule is posted during the week. Rides usually take place in the afternoon and last for about an hour. There is no charge to guests for the bike tour (unless you need to rent a bike).

Other seasons (Spring and Fall) our bikes are for rent—just inquire with the office.

Standard Ride

We begin by heading out from the King Pine Base lodge toward the Tohko waterfront. This short trail winds through the woods just above the lake. The path is 18 feet wide and solid, with a few rolling changes as it descends from the king pine parking lot to the waterfront at lake level. This provides beginners with the chance to practice shift changes and use of brakes in an easy setting.

From the Tohko waterfront we cross over a foot bridge and onto the Beaver trail. This trail begins as a 10 foot wide solid trail and ends with some near single track riding. More brake practice as we descend a steep hill and roll over a solid pine covered grade. After a short gradual climb we come out on the Sunset Beach road.

We then turn left and follow the Sunset Beach road to the end. This road is gravel packed and rolling with a few corners and both up and down sections. It is easy work out for the cardio on this direction, ending with a long downhill coast.

Once at the Sunset Beach field we cross over the field and turn right on the Christmas Tree Farm trail. This trail takes us through a sand field and on a loop back to the Sunset Beach. This path once past the sand field is solid and wide, though knee-high brush makes for easier single file in the ridden path within.

The trail makes a series of level changes and rolls with a gradual climb, before we rest at the top of the final downhill roll. Upon starting up again we descend and coast across the Spruce Point access road and continue to follow the Christmas Tree Trail toward Sunset Beach. This path ends back at the field behind Sunset and we continue our ride following the reverse back down the Sunset Beach Road.

This direction on the Sunset Beach Road begins with a long climb, but we are warmed up and ready. Down shift to a lower gear, torso down and let your legs pump the pedals. The solid gravel pack makes this climb much easier than if we were on rough stone or soft pine needles. We take a rest at the crest of the climb and gather the group. The rest of the road is a very gradual downhill. We once again gather at the end of the Sunset Beach Road and cross over Horse-leg Hill (paved) road into the Enchanted Forest. The Enchanted Forest Trail is a wide solid path. This direction we have a gradual rolling climb through a pine glade. Once over the crest we descend with a series of dips, turns and rolls over both solid and soft gravel pack.

Keep your eyes open for recent logging activity as it has created some ruts and holes in the path. We end this trail behind the Laura Foundation and cross over Rte 153 (paved Hwy.)

Once we cross the road we pass through an old sand pit and cross a river to the Brook Trail. We pedal along the river, which leads us back to the resort. Turning left at the Brookside Condo we climb to the Overlook Trail above the Inn and Millbrook buildings. The Overlook Trail begins as a grassy path and becomes a hard gravel pack path. This section is part of the resort lighted path between the lower resort and King Pine. We follow this path back to the King Pine Base lodge ending our tour.