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The Mill Indoor Pool & Fitness Room

Our indoor pool is 50 feet long and 21 feet across with a depth range of 3 to 5 feet. An extension at the shallow end facilitates entry with a gradual staircase and hand rail support. The water balance and sanitation are automatically regulated and the temperature is maintained at a comfortable setting.

Relax after a long day in our 8 foot diameter hot tub. At about 103 degrees, the hot tub provides soothing relief for the weary body. A lounge area surrounding the pool and spa provide plenty of seating for those who want to read, sleep or simply relax in the warmth.


  • Complimentary to resort guests

Purity Lake

Purity Lake, an undeveloped and spring-fed natural body of water, is approximately 75 acres and stretches out from one end of the resort to the other.

There are five sandy beaches located around the lake:

Sunset Beach can be found on the northern end of the lake, offers views of King Pine Ski Area and can be a quiet option for sunbathing and swimming. There is a small playground and a sandy volleyball court as well. Three or four times per week, Purity Spring offers water skiing from Sunset Beach.

King Pine Beach is located opposite the King Pine Ski Area base lodge and offers magnificent views of Purity Lake, a diving board and floating dock.

The other 2 beaches are located on and near Purity Island next to The Mill Main Office, Pool & Fitness. Purity Island Beach is a popular swimming beach that offers sandy and grassy areas to relax on, plus a playground for the young ones. The swimming area offers a floating dock, and our "Purity Iceberg," a 25' foot climbing wall and slide combo. Challenge the kids to reach the top, enjoy the view and then whoosh down the front. Purity Island is also the home of the popular Lobster and Steak Cookout.

The Inn Beach is a smaller sandy beach located just across the street from Traditions Restaurant and offers views of Purity Island, a floating dock and easy access to our fleet of kayaks, canoes and rowboats. Please use caution when crossing the road.

Milt's Place Beach is a location where your dog is allowed. Due to the programs we offer and the inflatable water slides, please respect that no dogs are allowed at any of the other beaches. [Milt's Place Beach Gate is labeled 'PRIVATE']

Dogs must be on a leash anytime they are out of your room. (No matter how well behaved your dog is we also will require that you keep them on a leash while walking to and from your room in the building, and while on the dog path.) If your dog is able to follow voice commands you may play unleashed at the Milt's Place Beach. [The town of Madison has a leash ordinance.]