• Kneeboarder at Purity Spring Resort
  • Wakeboarder at Purity Spring Resort
  • Kneeboarder at Purity Spring Resort
  • Waterskier at Purity Spring Resort

Purity Spring Resort offers waterskiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding for guests ages 6 or older, three days per week during the summer season. Specific days and times can be found in our weekly events/activity schedule.

Those wishing to sign-up during the activity period can do so at Sunset Beach (located on the back side of Purity Lake, at the end of Sunset Beach Road).


  • complimentary to resort guests


  • Due to the overwhelming popularity of this Purity Spring favorite, we ask guests to bear with us during each session, as we try to accommodate everyone.
  • Please be respectful of our "1st come - 1st served policy" and understand that we may need to make adjustments in order to keep the boat "moving." Our goal is to give everyone a fair chance to get up and out of the water.
  • All activities are subject to changes without notice, due to the weather and other unforeseen reasons.