Hiking and Walking Trails

Visit the Main Office for a map of the resort’s hiking trails. Hiking in the White Mountains can be as easy as a Sunday stroll down an old-growth wooded path listening to songbirds, to a physically-exhausting day peak bagging some of the region’s 48 4,000 footers. Whatever your pleasure, locations in and around Purity Spring Resort afford you wonderful opportunities to explore New Hampshire on foot.

Easy Hikes:

The Audubon Trails at Purity Spring Resort

The Gertrude Keith Hoyt and Edward Eaton Hoyt, Jr. Audubon Sanctuary on the eastern lakeshore of Purity Spring offers several easy hiking trails through farm pastures that have evolved into old growth forests, past the cellar hole and burial ground of The old Durgin Place, abandoned some 100 years ago, and the Blaisdell Mill & Dam that was once the bustling center of East Madison.

Other features of this property include; a kettlehole pond, beaver dams, a heath that attracts many furry and feathered friends, and beautiful views of Purity Lake. Hikes range from 15 to 90 minutes and a guide to the sanctuary is available at the Main Office.

The Purity Spring Nordic Ski trails offer 22km of well-marked trails primary around Lake Purity. These trails offer wonderful summer hiking for the entire family and are easy to trek with the occasional incline offering a good cardio workout. One of the local favorite Nordic trails is the one leading from the resort to Sunset Beach. Trail maps can be found at the Main Office.


Moderate Hikes:

The trail system behind Traditions Restaurant, The Inn, offers enjoyable hikes with a bit more effort. The trails lead you directly to three points of interest. Some of these trails are very well maintained by Camp Tohkomeupog - a boy’s camp owned and operated by the Hoyt family, owners of Purity Spring Resort. These campers maintain the trails throughout the summer months.


Hike to the Lookout Tower

The shortest trek is .4 miles and leads to a 20’ tower built by our Camp Tohkomeupog boys. There is a moderate to steep incline to this trail, which offers great views and a nice place to relax before continuing up. From the tower you’ll see a portion of Purity Spring Resort including the Mill Pool and Fitness Room, the one-time bustling center of East Madison, NH, The Gertrude Keith Hoyt and Edward Eaton Hoyt, Jr. Audubon Sanctuary which has evolved over the years from a farmstead and its fields to a beautifully wooded forest, kettle pond, heath, and wetland and the north leg of the lake to Sunset Beach.


Hike to the Sexton Shelter

This .9-mile hike, leads to a memorial cabin with great views built by the campers of Tohkomeupog in loving memory of Bill Sexton, a camper himself who sadly succumbed to his battle with cancer. The Sexton shelter is a rustic log cabin with a woodstove that is used by Tohko campers and sometimes by those snowshoeing or XC skiing in the wintertime. There are two short steep sections along this trail that may be slippery when wet, please use caution. During your trek across the ridge from the lookout tower, you’ll see the Ossipee ranges and upon arrival at the shelter, you’ll have sweeping views of Ossipee Lake.


Bald Ledge 

The longest journey on this circuit leads out to Bald Ledge. The 1.5-mile hike passes the lookout tower and the shelter trekking upwards to Bald Ledge with a total summit elevation of 1,183 feet. This beautiful locale offers views of Burnt Meadow Stables facilities and fields, Mary’s mountain in our sister company, Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort, and Ossipee lake and mountain range. Views also include those of Maine mountain ranges and down into Green Mountain. Please note that this is an actual ledge and caution needs to be exercised while at its summit, especially when wet.


Please note, hiking is a great way to explore Purity Spring Resort and its surroundings, but there are important things to be aware of:

• Please wear comfortable clothing in layers and shoes with appropriate soles.

• Check the weather and be prepared for unexpected thunderstorms.

• Be aware that there are bees, mosquitoes, black flies, ticks etc.

• Pack appropriate supplies and check yourself for ticks upon return.

• Bring water, hiking can be strenuous and dehydrate you faster than you realize.

• You may want to tell our Main Office staff that you’re headed out- they can also provide you with a map of these trails.

• Always be prepared to encounter wild animals (mostly harmless).

• Be sure to bring out what you bring in.


Other items that may be helpful:

• sunglasses

• sunscreen

• a hat

• a compass

• a plastic bag for your trash (feel free to pick up any other refuse along the trail too!)

• a cell phone and the number for Purity Spring

• a camera

• binoculars, field guides, etc.

• Equally important...have a great time!